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GSA Podcast mit Ansgar Wimmer

Der Podcast für die deutschsprachige Weiterbildungsbranche.

News, Informationen, Veranstaltungen und Experteninformation für alle professionellen Speaker, Trainer und Moderatoren.


Mar 31, 2021

Dr. Stephan Meyer interviewt Dr. John B. Molidor, Präsident der GSF

  • What is the Global Speakers Federation?
  • Looking back, how has the GSF changed during your presidency?
  • What topics do you focus on?
  • Do we build reality by talking?
  • How do you save time in your business?
  • Which thought leader do you find particularly interesting at the moment?
  • What is an example of a sacred cow in the speaker market? (Definition of sacred cow: a behavior that may have been appropriate at one time, but is no longer appropriate today).
  • What radical change in the speaker market is taking place now or will take place soon? (Definition of radical change: a change that is not just superficial, but where the rules of the game fundamentally change).
  • A final sentence or good advice to the audience.

Abschließend aktuelle News aus dem GSA Kosmos.

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